Maximize game sensitivity

The mouse switching technology of VX AIMBOX will assume that the "view sensitivity" and other related options are maximized in your gameplay settings. In any case, it must be turned up to maximize your aiming performance.

Go to PlayStation 4 “Accessories>Controllers>Communication Method>Use USB cable”

●Connect the official PlayStation 4 game controller to the controller connection interface

●Connect the keyboard/mouse to the keyboard/mouse interface

●Connect the VX AIMBOX to the USB port of PlayStation4 through the USB plug. After the VX AIMBOX is started, the indicator light defaults to a phantom color cycle. When the indicator light flashes blue 3 times, it means the recognition is successful and can be controlled.



phantom cycle

Default light effect

Blue flashes 3 times

Recognize to PlayStation 4 mode

 Note: Please replug the USB cable from your game console if VX AimBox doesn't work.

PlayStation 4 key value diagram