Bluetooth connection

1. Press "Y+HOME" to turn on the  controller, and GameSir-T1 will enter the pairing mode

2. Turn on the phone’s Bluetooth, search for the GameSir-T1, click and pair


The indicator flashes and cannot connect

1. Go to Settings and check if Bluetooth is on.

2. Click on the Bluetooth, find the paired record, and click on the (!) icon on the right.

3. Click on Ignore this device.

4. If you still can't connect, restart Bluetooth and your phone and try again.e, you will need to use the key combination again to turn on the controller.


The indicator stays on but cannot be connected

1. Please check whether the controller is connected to other devices, turn off the device's Bluetooth.

2. If you can not turn off the Bluetooth, in the power-on state, sequentially press the "R1+X+HOME" for 3 seconds, the indicator will blinks and enter pairing mode. Turn on Bluetooth and search for it again.