System Requirement

iOS 12 and above - iOS 13.4 and below

Step 1 Download G-Crux

Download and install GameSir App on the App Store.

Step 2 First Time Connection

1. Activate Bluetooth on your phone

2. Turn on the GameSir G4 pro

Press "G+Home" to turn on the GameSir G4 pro, it will enter the G-Touch mode. When you connect again, the GameSir G4 pro will automatically reconnect, no need to press G+Home again to turn on.

3. Enter GameSir App, click on the "Device" page, expand the drop-down menu, select "G4 Pro", and click "Connect Now".


Step 3 Apply The Game Config And Start The Game

1. After the GameSir G4 pro is connected, enter the page of GameSir G4 pro, click the "G-Touch" icon, select any game, click "Config" to enter the configuration page.


2. In the configuration list, select the "official" configuration according to your phone model, click "save and start" to play games.