FAQ about G6

Q: What can I do if I can't pair? How do I forcibly disconnect to the device and connect to a new device?

A: The first step is to forcibly clear the pairing information: press C+Z button for 3 seconds in the power-on state to enter the flash pairing;

Step 2 Enter the forced pairing mode: Close the controller and press the corresponding mode key to power on and wait for other devices to connect.

Q: GameSir World App can't search and connect to G6/G6s controller?

A: First of all, please confirm that the G6/G6s controller is in Android mode, not iOS mode, and confirm that the controller is not connected to other mobile devices. After confirmation, please turn off the controller and restart, search and pair on the Bluetooth list in the mobile phone, and then start the GameSir World App, you can start the game now.

Q: Can the G6/G6s controller play games with the mobile phone?

A: G6/G6s controller needs to be connected via Bluetooth. IQOO mobile phone does not need to download software. Game peripherals can be enabled in the game. Other mobile phones need to download and install corresponding platform software (iOS: G-Crux; Android non-MediaTek processor: GameSir GameSir World) and set it before you use it.

Q: Why the touchscreen and the joystick not be used at the same time?

A: The IQOO mobile phone needs to firstly turn off the “pressure-sensitive button” function, and the touch screen and the joystick can be used simultaneously;

Other Android phones use G-TOUCH to start the game, which can cause the touchscreen and joystick to not be used at the same time. Need to use PC to remap.

Q: In the G-Touch mode, the button mapping is set in the G-Crux App, but in- game it does not take effect?

A: In G-Touch mode, after setting the game configuration  in the GameSir G-Crux App, you need to take one more step: click “Save to Peripheral”, and the saved configuration can be used normally after saving.

Q: The iQOO mobile phone is directly connected to the G6/G6s. But why does the game plug-in have no buttons for connecting peripherals?

A: 1. Make sure that the GameSir World and its 64-bit plugin are not installed.

2. first connect to the phone Bluetooth, and then open the game;

3. Try to restart the controller multiple times, cancel the pairing, reconnect or restart the phone; if it still doesn't work, please consult the VIVO personnel.

Q: The controller is connected well. After the GameSir World is started, the button is abnormal or does not respond?

A: First of all, please confirm that the boot mode of the controller is the same as the game startup mode. After that, please verify whether the controller is normal in the GameSir World mapping test page or in the GameSir World controller test page. If it is normal, please try to restart the phone and cancel the connection pairing. Reconnect and enter the game to try.

Q: Feeling delay in the game when using GameSir G6/G6s/G6/G6ss.

A: If it is under the Wi-Fi connection, it may be the to conflict between 2.4G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth;

a. Select 5G Wi-Fi connection to solve the Wi-Fi jamming problem;

b. Change the bandwidth of the router band to 20m and set the Wi-Fi channel to 13 to avoid interference completely;

c. Use mobile network to play games;

d. Restart your phone.

Q: I cannot use activation mapping when I unplug the cable, why?

A: a. Check the USB cable or the USB port of the mobile phone to determine whether it is caused by hardware. Please try to replace a new USB cable (some USB cables can be use to charge but cannot be used to transmit).

b. Make sure USB debugging is enabled - click on System Settings, enter the developer option, enable USB debugging; click OK in the "Allow USB debugging" pop-up;

c. In USB configuration, selects "charge only" mode, some mobile phones need to enable "Allow ADB debugging only in charging mode";

d. Try other USB configuration modes, such as "MIDI".

Q: What should I do if the joystick does not control the game correctly?

A: (1) Reboot the controller but ensure that the joystick did not be touched (to prevent calibration failure);

(2) Open the G-Crux, find the joystick calibration at the bottom of the firmware upgrade page and follow the correction steps.

Q: Do I need to press the key combination again to reconnect the controller?

A: The paired controller, doesn’t need you to do it again, just simply press the power button to turn it on, it will automatically connect to the mobile phone.

Q: After activating the mapping function, why I cannot use the joystick and touch screen at the same time?

A: In the app management page, find the GameSir World app and clear its’ data. Then restart the GameSir World, start the game via activation mapping service, and open "intensive mapping".

Q: The position of the virtual buttons in the game does not match the actual response position?

A: a. hide the virtual buttons at the bottom of the screen, and adjust the control to gesture control;

b. Set GameSir World to full screen display, but it varies with different mobile phones, the setting is basically in the "display" - "third-party app display ratio";

c. Adjust the virtual buttons to the position where it will actually be triggered.

Q: How to open the pop-up permission of the GameSir World?

A: When you open the GameSir World for the first time, the app will automatically prompt and jump to the pop-up permission page. If you accidentally turn it off, please go to the phone settings page first, in the app permissions, find the GameSir World and enable the "pop-up" or "display over other apps" permission.

Q: How do I forcibly disconnect the currently connected device and connect to a new device?

A: Enter forced pairing mode: turn off the controller, press C+Z, and wait for the connection to be disconnected.

Q: Can the G6/G6s start the game directly when connected?

A: G6/G6s needs to be connected via Bluetooth. But when using IQOO, it does not need to download any software, simply enable the game peripherals in the game then play. As for the other mobile phones, you need to download and install corresponding platform app [IOS: G-Crux; Android (non-MTK processor): GameSir World] .

Q: How long should I charge the controller? How long can I use it after a fully charge?

A: The charging time is about 1.5-2 hours; the battery life is about 12 hours.

Q: Why I cannot use the joystick and touch screen at the same time when I connect G6/G6s to iQOO directly?

A: In the mobile game plug-in setting page, disable the “pressure-sensitive button”.

Q: Can G6/G6s work with Black Shark helo to play PUBG?

A: Yes, but the back of the phone is irregular. You need to take off the phone case.

Q: How to do the on-click macro with G6/G6s? Is IQOO Direct Connect supported?

A: You can refer to the video tutorial; press A+HOME can connect and play games directly.

Q: Can the G6/G6s controller be directly connected to the PUBG and Creative Destruction under the iOS system?

A: Yes.

Q: Does G6/G6s support VIVO NEX dual screen?

A: Yes, but not directly connected, and it needs to activate the mapping function first.

Q: Is the joystick of G6/G6s an alps joystick?

A: No.

Q: Does the G6/G6s support combo hit in the iOS system?

A: Not support.

Q: How to do the joystick calibration of G6/G6s?

A: Turn on the G6/G6s, press the L1+L2+C+L3 (press the joystick vertically) to enter the joystick correction mode, two LED are flashing. Then rotate the joystick to the maximum angle for 3 to 5 laps. After the correction is completed, press the L1+L2+C+L3 at the same time to exit the correction mode.